Henry's PC M$ Train Sim Equipment

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Here's a six unit lashup of PC power hauling a 10 car streamlined passenger train under NEC wires.
I plan on making an FP7 conversion out of the F7's and doing some torpedo-tube Geep 9's.
I regeared the locos so they'll keep up with NEC traffic pretty well.
All these units have individual road numbers.
image/jpeg, 1024x768 (94kb)
File="msts_PC_F7sGP9s.jpg" Size=97039

It's mid-winter and a freak snowstorm of ultra-fine snow has shorted out most of the Metroliners and some of the G's so F's and Geeps are helping out on the NEC.
Two F's and three Geep 9's are hauling 10 PRR tuscan P70's in this version of a 1969 PC Clocker.
I also tweaked the F unit's horn, it belts out a serious multi-chime blast, I obviously still have to replace the single chimers with a 5-chime.
image/jpeg, 1024x768 (127kb)
File="msts_PC_FsGP9s_PRR_P70-1.jpg" Size=130196

The Clocker is pulling out of DC Union Station and the hogger has already notched out to max amps as evidenced by the exhaust plumes coming from the well-worn 16 cylinder 567BC's and C's.
Notice that the units have already "knocked down" the overhead PL.
Yes, I upgraded the F's to BC power assemblies and tweaked the power available in MSTS accordingly.
The Geep 9's actually sound a little different than the F's!
When I get the hang of interiors and passenger views I'll add seats to the P70's.
image/jpeg, 1024x768 (125kb)
File="msts_PC_FsGP9s_PRR_P70-2.jpg" Size=128864

She's a bit light on the contrasting contours, but it IS a PC GG1 hauling a pure set of ratty green PC P70's!
As I improve my MSTS ACE skills I will refine the details on the G's. I don't know if I got the color right on the P70's (no handy photos), but they sure look good on runbys!
Serious PC juice fans might catch themselves sportin' some heavy wood while runnin' this baby if they're not careful!
image/jpeg, 1024x768 (99kb)
File="msts_PC_GG1_4882-1.jpg" Size=101909

Here are a couple of trailing Geeps ahead of 10 PC stainless coaches.
Yeah I know they still have skirts, cut me some slack, I only started kitbashing the PC goodies 2 days ago!
image/jpeg, 1024x768 (122kb)
File="msts_PC_GP9s.jpg" Size=125838

Here's a tail end view of the string of green P70's hauled by GG1 4882.
That happens to be the same G which the National NYC Museum has preserved and would like to repaint in PC livery.
image/jpeg, 1024x768 (108kb)
File="msts_PC_P70.jpg" Size=111068

(Insert Tim Allen grunts here) Any true PC fan needs SD45's!
I have three so far, I may make more!
Here they sit in Baltimore station.
image/jpeg, 1024x768 (153kb)
File="msts_PC_SD45_6198_6240_6183-1.jpg" Size=133621

My PC SD45's were made using the excellent PRR SD45 objects as a starting point.
image/jpeg, 1024x768 (143kb)
File="msts_PC_SD45_6198_6240_6183-2.jpg" Size=123897

Even the cab interiors on the SD45's are done, there are unit numbers on the back cab wall!
image/jpeg, 1024x768 (188kb)
File="msts_PC_SD45_6198_6240_6183-3.jpg" Size=164643

Here are the SD45's on a PC coal train. So far there are 3 unique PC coal hoppers and more on the way.
image/jpeg, 1024x768 (138kb)
File="msts_PC_SD45_coal-1.jpg" Size=142259

Tail end view of a 10 car stainless PC train behind 2 F's and 4 geeps.
The head end is smoking up a storm notched out in RUN-8!
image/jpeg, 1024x768 (111kb)
File="msts_PC_SL_Coach.jpg" Size=114607